philips epiq 5

Standard Features

Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Spatial Compounding, Speckle Reduction (=X RES), Auto Image Opt (B mode) (=iSCAN), Auto Image Opt (Doppler) (=iSCAN), White Zoom, Triplex Mode, Needle Enhancement, Auto NT Measurement (=Sono NT), Auto Follicle 2D Measurement, Auto IMT, Automated B/M/D Measurement, Automated LH Measurement, Live Dual (B/B/C) Mode, SmartExam or Ease Protocol or Ease Protocol, Fusion, Raw Data File and Flexible Report.

Philips Epiq 5

Certified Pre-Owned Option

Application Exam Types

Abdominal, Obstetrical, Feta; Echo, Vascular, Abdominal Vascular, TCD, Gynecological, Small parts (Breast, Thyroid, Testis), Musculoskeletal/Anesthesiology, Pediatric, Urology (Renal, Prostate), Echocardiography_Adult, Interventional Cardiology, Echocardiography_Pediatric, Echocardiography_Neonate, Stress echocardiography, Transesophageal Echo_Adult, Transesophageal Echo_Pediatric, Surgury, Interventional Radiology, Contrast Imaging _ General Imaging (Low MI), Contrast Imaging _ Cardiac (High or Low MI), Bowel Imaging, Strain Elastography, Shear Wave Elastography, Epiaortic, Neonatal Head, Pediatric Echo, Pediatric Hip and Pediatric Abdomen, PICC Line.

  • S5-1
  • L9-3
  • C5-2
  • C10-3V

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